Record Interviews

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  1. Open Google and Chrome and enter in the address bar.
    1 - youtubecom.png
  2. Sign in with your Bethel credentials as you would for Gmail.
    2 - sign in.png
  3. Choose upload at the to of the screen to the right of the search bar.
    4 - click upload.png
  4. On the right side, choose Record under "Webcam Capture."
    5 - webcam capture.png
  5. If prompted to allow Youtube to access your webcam, choose "Allow" and also check "remember."
    6 - flash setting.png
  6. You will be shown a live image of the interview room. When ready, click "Record" to start the recording and when done "Stop Recording." If you are satisfied with the recording, choose "Upload."
    7 - recording.png
  7. The video will begin uploading in the background. You will be presented with a page to set the title, description and most importantly the visibility and sharing settings of the video. Choose "Private" under Privacy Settings and add your professor and perhaps other students involved in the interview under people who can view. Allow the video upload to complete. The sharing members you added should be notified via e-mail about the video.
    8 - privacy settings.png